Who Is Hacking Your Network™?

Advanced attackers bypass modern security technologies such as Anti-Virus, IDS/IPS, DLP, Firewalls, and SIEM. Despite investments in the above technologies, the following types of attacks commonly evade detection:

  • Malware-less attacks that run only in memory or without malware signatures
  • Attacks that leverage endpoint OS commands such as PowerShell or WMI to execute their payloads
  • Attacks in which threat actors use encryption and obfuscation to hide their techniques and malware footprints

ThreatResponder® Platform detects, responds to, and prevents advanced cyber attacks in real-time. Designed by security experts and researchers, this next-generation anti-malware platform addresses today’s most determined cyber attacks launched by well-funded adversaries. ThreatResponder® detects adversaries’ TTPs and evicts the attacks.