ThreatResponder® Intelligence Platform (“TRIP”)

ThreatResponder® Intelligence Platform (“TRIP”) allows threat operators to aggregate, correlate, analyze, visualize, and provide contextual details of threat data. You gain situational awareness of your network and neutralize zero-day and sophisticated attacks. TRIP enriches threat data with threat intelligence and detect attackers’ Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) in your environment. TRIP:

  • Is a standalone threat intelligence platform
  • Is bundled with ThreatResponder® Platform at no additional cost
  • Web and social media activities
  • Consumes threat intelligence feeds from internal, commercial, government, and open source communities
  • Produces threat intelligence and share with other communities
  • Ingests threat intelligence in various formats, including: OpenIOC, TAXII, STIX, and CyBOX
  • Contains millions of threat indicators, including: threat actors, campaigns, file hashes/names/paths, IP addresses, URLs, domain names, user agents, and mutexes