Penetration Testing & Red Team Exercises

Uncover enterprise risks through advanced adversarial threat simulation against people, technology, and processes. Measuring how well your security infrastructure will perform against today’s most advanced threats is vital to the success of your cyber security program. NetSecurity will assist you in identifying the threats faced by your information assets so that you can quantify your threats and mitigate risk appropriately. Our depth of expertise includes network, wireless, web/mobile applications, cloud, IoT, ICS/SCADA, and social engineering testing.

Through our penetration testing and red teaming exercises, we provide you with a detailed understanding of the exposure to vulnerabilities that your information assets face. We then identify most vulnerabilities and focus on areas in which a compromise would have the greatest risk to your business.

Our consultants use the same tools and techniques used by hackers and the most-determined adversaries to identify and validate security vulnerabilities of your environment. We systematically analyze this data to determine the level of risk associated with these vulnerabilities and to provide prioritized recommendations to help you mitigate risk to achieve your information security objectives.

NetSecurity’s network and web application penetration testing methodology uses standards specified in the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM), Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), and NIST Security Testing Standards. Using these standards as a base, we tailor our methodology to yield optimal results for your enterprise.