Cyber Incident & Threat Response

Many companies have crisis management plans to cover natural disasters or unexpected employee concerns. It also is important to be prepared to handle cyber security incidents before any occur. A well-executed response can reveal the true extent of a compromise and may prevent future occurrences.

Our analysts have created methodologies to evaluate, mitigate, escalate, and contain incidents. We assist you in the creation, implementation, and rollout of your incident response capability. NetSecurity helps you create policies and processes to ensure that security incidents are resolved effectively in the least amount of time. Most importantly, NetSecurity ThreatResponder® Platform automates the data collection, threat analytics, and detection of malicious activities. We help tell the story and answer the questions of who, what, where, when, why, and how an attack occurred.

NetSecurity has fully-equipped and experienced responders with years of experience in information security intrusion detection. We assist you in all aspects from securing the system or network through data acquisition and forensic analysis. We help investigate systems, networks, operating systems, database systems, and other infrastructure components. NetSecurity is extremely nimble, which ensures that we respond to any security incident quickly. We take the additional step of securing the compromised system, forensically preserving the data, and analyzing the evidence to determine the perpetrator.