Data Breach Readiness

Is your organization ready to withstand a data breach? Are adversaries laying low on your network and secretly exfiltrating your intellectual property? How do you know for sure? Are you relying solely upon the results of penetration testing to determine whether your network can be compromised?

If you think that penetration testing will reveal whether an adversary or a rogue employee is doing damage to your network, think again. Although a well-executed and comprehensive penetration test can uncover vulnerabilities and permeability of your infrastructure from various threat vectors, these exercises are by themselves inadequate to ascertain if your network is under attack. Through breach readiness assessments, NetSecurity experts help determine the readiness of your organization through the following:

  • Assessing and reviewing your organization’s incident and breach readiness.
  • Reviewing your systems, network, and endpoints to determine threat activities stemming from malware or malware-less activities.
  • Simulating your data breach response capabilities and providing recommendations.
  • Assessing your backup, disaster, and IT contingency plans.