Data Breach Investigation

Have you been compromised or do you suspect that you have been compromised? Do you want to know for sure? If so, NetSecurity has the tools to help you detect threat actors, disrupt the attackers’ infrastructure, evict the adversaries, and prevent future incidents.

NetSecurity has performed high-profile data breach investigations for enterprises such as retail outlets, the gaming industry, the technology sector, government agencies, and corporations. Leveraging our commercial product, ThreatResponder®, we quickly ascertain if a breach has occurred in your enterprise network. Instead of mobilizing a brigade of incident responders, we leverage ThreatResponder®, deploy our agents (“rovers”) to suspect systems or to the entire enterprise. Within minutes we begin to detect any data breach or exfiltration activities. As part of our data breach investigation we detect, respond to, and prevent attacks. Most importantly, we provide recommendations on how to reduce attack surfaces to prevent future attacks.